A sample of services offered by QLab

What we can do for you

If you want to redesign an old site, create a new one from scratch, or just fix a few things, QLab can help you with what you would like to accomplish. Working closely with the client we can easily and promptly determine a workplan that will guide us to the finished product. With our customer focused service QLab can provide an easy and smooth transition to your desired finished product.

Website Designing

Designing a site that is attractive and will draw people to your page is something we can accomplish for your business or group. In following the correct principles in web design and layout, QLab can create a site that you will certainly approve of. One that will take into account all of the needs you have provided for us while also appealing to the eye. Form and function also play a large part in designing a site that is user friendly and easy to navigate. With our experience we can deliver that to you at a cost that is not prohibitive, but instead allows you to spend your money on other features we provide that can take your site to the next level.

Website Development

While the design of your site is important, we would be amiss if did not give an equal effort in developing a site that does all of the tasks expected of a modern day site. Many firms just speak the "jargon" and may try to impress you with their "fancy" terms, not QLab. If you don't understand something, we're not happy and we will work with the clients until both of us are satisfied. With experience in many web development languages, database functionality and different frameworks utilized in todays web environment, QLab can guide you through the "techy" tasks and help you arrive at something we can both be proud of.

Content Management System

A content management system is a site where the client is in control. Any new content, modifications to menus or pages, etc. can be done by the client themsleves. This environment can be used by those with a technical background who have a good knowledge of the web all the way down to a non-tech who is almost scared of a computer all together. An easy to use interface is all the client uses to make the modifications or additions, and of course if you experience any difficulty, we're right at the other end of the line talking you through it.

No matter which of the above services, or combination of services, suits your business you can be sure that if you choose QLab for your site, you will be treated as if you are our only customer at that time (which you very well may be). If you have any questions of what was discussed here on this page, feel free to use the Contact Us page to send any questions or feedback directly to us.

1 on 1 Technical Support

Being a smaller business, you deal with one person for any issues you may encounter.