About Us

A little bit of info about our company

Company Overview

QLab Web Design operates primarily out of Kingston and Ottawa. Of course QLab is certainly not against expanding it's client base beyond those borders, which is obviously not that difficult given the nature of our business. As stated on the home page, we are a small enterprise that understands the constraints of a small business which enables us to tailor a package to your individual needs.

The bulk of the work is done by the two partners in QLab, but when necessary we enlist the help of other developers that we have worked with previously. The two partners are:

Team Members

Simon Labbett - Systems, Lead Development
Having lived in Kingston for most of his life, Simon has a good feel for the city and what goes on in and around it. He presently works at the Office of Advancement at Queen's University in Kingston as a DBA/Web Programmer/Systems Analyst and enjoys it very much. He found that doing sites for friends and acquaintances was very rewarding and created QLab with Darren.

Darren Kuhn - Graphics Lead, Senior Developer
Now living in Ottawa, in Kingston up until 2001, and now maintains the Ottawa portion of QLab. Presently working at Mitel in Ottawa, he had collaborated with Simon on many projects prior to the creation of QLab, which resulted in the creation of QLab. He brings a wonderful eye for graphics and logos. Can create almost anything you need, especially for the right price $$.

Sofia Vergara - Receptionist / Office Manager
With all of her time spent at the Modern Family set, she is only available very few days a year, but it just may be the day you come to meet us. And would you really want to miss the chance to meet her in person?

(If you are female please imagine this as Matthew McConaughey)

Our Vision

QLab has a customer driven mindset that has served us, and our customers, well throughout our short existence. With every customer and every page we look to exceed expectations and give the client something they do not always expect from a web design company, 1 on 1 service. With this type of service there is less of the back and forth as we design a site and the final product can be delivered in a much tighter timeline than with a larger outfit. If this is the type of service you expect, choose QLab and you will not be disappointed.